27 February 2018

January and February

The new semester here in Kigali has been very busy. It began with a short term at the beginning of January called ‘J-term’ with students engaging in different activities on and off campus. Some were off trekking, others learning about Rwandan culture, still more were involved in computer programming, computer aided design and movie making. It was disappointing that the mission opportunities that the school had hoped to work into J-term did not materialize, but plenty else went on. During J-term, Rachel taught her class about the UK, which culminated in a game of cricket and an English garden party for parents and children at our home where scones and Victoria sponge were washed down with lashings of Yorkshire tea.

Following the conclusion of J-term, the official semester began. Rachel slipped back into a regular routine with her Grade 2 class, as did Corinna in Grade 1 and Lillia in Pre-K. Having concluded all my previous taught classes in the first Semester, I began an eclectic timetable of classes teaching two Christian Ethics classes, a course in Doctrine with the Seniors and Health. This semester has seen both Rachel and I lead time in Chapel and continue with teaching Sunday School classes at our local church. It has been a real encouragement to see more local children from the area join the classes, meaning Sunday School classes will now be assisted by a translator.

The most encouraging aspect our time in Kigali came just two weeks ago, when the opportunity arose to partner with local Christian run schools who offer education to primary age children from some of the less affluent parts of Kigali. This is the kind of work that inspires both of us, and we hope that when we leave Rwanda at the conclusion of this semester, that we will be able to support the work of one of these schools. They have very little to work with in terms of resources.
This weekend we were able to go on a day Safari as a family. As you will see in the pictures below, there is real beauty in this part of the world. Anabelle liked the Zebra best, Lillia thought the Baboons were funny, whilst Corinna favored the Hippo. We were very fortunate to be but a few meters from Giraffe and we spotted five Lioness (not bad considering Rwanda only have twenty in total).

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Please pray that in these last few months here, we are all able to live well in the tension between finishing well and looking to the future, when we return to the UK.

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  1. It doesn't sound easy but then following your heart isn't sometimes. Enjoy your last few months x


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