20 November 2017

Quick update

Update – Garlands in Rwanda – November 2017 

As I write this, we have just one month until the Christmas break. Our time here has been breathless at times, but also slow. Someone said to us working at KICS the days feel long but the weeks go fast’  that statement seems to be a fair assessment. There have been difficulties along the way, but also some high points. Some of the joys for me (Gareth) have revolved around observing the progress and achievements of others. I have been able to mentor and encourage students here and have been delighted to see some grow in Christian maturity. A real high point was working with a Grade 10 boy to deliver his first ever sermon to the school. I feel certain that this will be the first of many sermons he will preach. 

A particular highlight of the semester was the parade of nations ceremony, celebrating unity in diversity. Corinna and Lillia did a sterling job parading the Union Jack to the stage where they were joined by the flags of 26 nations – all represented at the school. 

Rachel has received much praise for her teaching, even being cited for her practice in a staff training session entitled ‘Teach like a Champion’. I am glad she has had the opportunity to flex her teaching muscles again this year! 

Outside of school, Rachel and I have been serving a local Anglican community by running some Sunday School classes, and I preached my first sermon in an Anglican Cathedral (who’d have thought I would travel all the way to Rwanda to achieve that accolade!) 


It is good to count God’s blessings during what has been quite a roller-coaster of an experience. Thanks for your prayers and support, it means so much to us. 

Have a very merry Christmas 

Love from the Garlands 

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